Registered Social Workers

Registered Social Workers

We have specialised in the recruitment of Registered Social Workers for 10 years having worked with over 25 different local authorities and care home groups in the UK.

In the past, we organised and recruited many overseas workers from a variety of countries for permanent posts.

However, the current trend is to have people work on short term contracts as locums all over the UK. Hence, the more flexible a person is on geographical location the better.

80% of our applicants are generated via word of mouth from successful candidates. Our detailed and personalised service has proven that short and long term retention rates are significant.

For our candidates many jobs are offered out to agencies and filled within the hour, therefore, it is not possible to post actual jobs because it is not realistic. If you are looking for work please contact us.

There are occasional jobs that are so specialised that they can be posted for a week or so eg working in Delayed Discharge within a hospital setting.