How long has the company been running?
Catto International Limited was founded in December 1998. We have a long standing reputation of providing care workers to learning disability homes, older people homes and have a good network of professionals (who are our former employees) we can rely on for help and advice. We treat our staff firmly but fairly and in return, our staff remain with us for many years and deliver a high standard of care.

What credentials does the manager hold?
Background and qualifications of the Registered Manager:

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Dementia Studies (Merit)
  • Moving and handling with Risk Assessment
  • ”PTLLS” – Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
  • NVQ4: Leadership and Management in Care
  • End of Life Care level 3
  • Equality and Diversity level 2
  • Infection Control level 3

The most important factor is that the Registered Manager as well as the other members of the management team undertake hands-on shifts. This enables us to keep on top of changes with clients or recommend ideas to improve the individual’s wellbeing.

What ‘extras’ are provided and why is Catto one of the best care agencies in the area?
We help clients in the private sector which means our staff have better induction, better training and in general care times are more appropriate to the individual. We have a vigilant management team that offer a number of benefits to our clients eg:

  1. We have a wheelchair for appointments as it saves time and guarantees the journey at the other side. We have often gone to the Aldershot Centre for Health where all wheelchairs have been used.
  2. FREE nail care for hands. This is a popular request from most of our clients.

What are the benefits of being looked after at home?
There are many reasons as to why someone would stay in their own home. Our typical client groups are people who are very independent with a strong opinion on remaining in their own home. They have special wishes on how they would like their routine, what they would like to eat, when they would like to eat and most of all they want to be in their own environment.

Are your staff / workers trained and experienced?
We employ experienced staff and put them through regular mandatory training (meaning moving and handling, food hygiene, health and safety etc). In additional to this majority our staff are NVQ 2 or 3 qualified and some are currently undertaking their Health and Social Care Advanced Apprenticeship. All our staff are trained in dementia and skin care. Our Registered Manager has a post graduate qualification in dementia studies form the University of Stirling.

What checks do you conduct on your care staff?
All our staff undergo the following checks: Criminal Record Check, CV, NI number card, training, references, driving license, car insurance, proof of address etc.

What is the minimum care time you will provide?
45 minutes.

What is homecare?
This is when a care or support worker enters someone’s own home to provide a service eg administering medication, meal preparation, getting showered etc. Catto Homecare passionately believes “there is no place like home” and individuals thrive on being in their own familiar surroundings. This is why we aim to make our client feel as comfortable as possible whilst, getting on with their day’s activities in their own homes without the worry of care related restrictions.

Can you ensure my mother’s dog is fed during care times?
Yes. Pets are very important to all our clients. This is not a problem.

What is the minimum frequency of care or support you will provide?
1 x weekly. We do recognise that there is an increasing need for our companionship services if a family member is going on holiday or ill etc.

How do you determine what someone’s care needs are?
We will meet you before we offer care / support and have a talk about why you feel you might need care services. Our aim is for you to retain as much independence as possible with a little support from our team. What people need varies from person to person. We often make visits to the local hospitals as our service also covers discharges.

Do you pay your staff national minimum wage?
No, we believe in paying our hard-working staff well because of the nature of the job.  By paying our employees properly, they stay longer within Catto Homecare.

What is the process to gain more information and how long could it take until care can be activated?
Simply call our offices on 01276 500 522 and speak to Wendy or Louise. We will set up an initial meeting to have an initial chat about what your needs are. Later, a baseline assessment will establish your care needs and we will agree with you on the best method of addressing them. In many instances, your loved one may not be ‘on board’ with needing care. We are extremely experienced in this area and can provide the immediate family with support.

What happens if I need my care times or tasks adjusted in some way – needing more care or less care?
We regularly conduct a care needs assessment every month to see if there are any changes to your care needs. However, this does not mean changes are only addressed after this meeting. All our carers report to the office on daily basis with client feedback any arising issues, in this way we are able to pick up on immediate care review needs and adjust care packages with immediate effect when needed

We accept that we may not be able to detect it at all times, this is why all our clients are always welcome to contact our offices with issues of concern including requests to adjust their care plans

Will I have the same carer all the time?
Our aim is to assign carer that connects well with you and of your choice. At the same time we will introduce a team of carers to you to cover those times that your preferred carer is on holiday or not available to get to you on time. They also need days off so we are very mindful in treating our staff well and with the respect they deserve.

What work will my carer do?
Our carer will attend to all your care needs as established from the baseline assessment and detailed out in the care plan. In additional to this our carer will assist you to carry out some light house chores when requested. These may be getting your laundry in the washing machine. Washing up, taking the rubbish out and many more tasks can be dealt with.

Is there any emergency/ on call system in place?
We have an on call system in place which is used to respond to any calls to cover visits or report issues when our offices are closed. In case of an emergency you are advised to call the emergency services on 999 who would get to you much quicker and be able to medically treat you.

How much notice do I have to give to cancel?
We require a minimum of 24 hours to cancel a visit.

Do your workers speak clear English?
Yes. Our carers speak clear English.

If there is a problem who do I contact?
If there is a problem you can contact the manager on our office numbers. We run an out of hours on-call system. Remember in case of an emergency, you should call the emergency services.