Catto International

Catto International

Catto International

As a company our integrated bespoke software system with built in shift booking
system enables us to have an edge over other companies. This is due to its flexibility
to provide instant information to either yourself or our client within seconds.
Invoicing and payroll are generated directly from this system resulting in fewer

We pride ourseleves in our candidate selection process and only accept professionals we believe
will deliver a good standard of work.

We are different because we are a relatively small team with a professional, reliable,
people-centred approach to our work. We enjoy our jobs and are dedicated to making
a difference by utilising our strong network of medical and social care professionals
to fall back on for advice or questions.

Below is a list of our niche market areas:

  • Dementia Specialist Consultancy
  • Support Workers : England
  • Social Workers within the UK
  • Dental UAE

Company Details

  • Founded in 1998
  • VAT registration number 733 336 544
  • Company registration number 36 78 514

Personal note from the Managing Director: “After returning to the UK having lived
overseas for 7.5 years, I was surprised at the lack of standards (as a job seeker)
within the High Street recruitment industry. I was also disappointed at the lack
of effort and communication shown towards job seekers and decided that in founding
Catto International, we would make a genuine difference.”